06.01.2018, Dennis82, Lucky#6 and the newest members of TBR, the Annecke Family met up in the far North of Denmark for some SX Training. Track was in excellent shape. Since it rained again all week long, outdoors were really not on the table for the weekend.

Split into 2 groups, first Lucky#6, his buddy J.A. on their Huskys TC50’s, L.A. on its Husky 85. Running each other up and down the track. Getting faster with every lap. With a little help from Dennis82, their flow on the dirt got smoother and smoother and thereby faster. 2 thumbs up.

2nd Group Dennis82 and Matze11. 2Stroke Mafia on the loose. For Dennis82 it was getting back in the game, after beeing out, due to a medical condition, for quiet a while. Matze11 just in for the practice and supporting the offsprings. Since both of them did their turns and finished without a crash, goal accomplished.

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